The Liberian Community of Colorado has come a long way. The Community roots go back about four decades ago. The community started off as part of the African Student Association of Colorado in the early seventies. During those early days, the few Africans including Liberians that had traveled to this part of the United States of America for educational purposes formed themselves into an association called the African Students Association of Colorado.


During those early days, because of the minute numbers of Africans residing in Colorado, communities were not established along countries of origin lines, rather Africans were considered as one community. In the mid eighties, when Africans began to migrate in large numbers to Colorado, communities began to emerge along countries of origin lines. It was at this junction that our community was formally formed. The community was first named the Liberian Student Association with the first president been Mr. Isaac Constance.

 Over the years the community has under gone lots of changes in response to the reality of the days as they affect the community. In 1995 our community joined the regional body of Liberians in the United States of America the Conference of Liberian Organizations in the Southwestern United States (COLOSUS INC). 


The community’s name has been changed couple of times, and the leadership has changed hands. Those that had served the community as president






ULOC Past Presidents


  • Mrs. Nancy Bernard,

  • Mr. Andrew Dennis,

  • Mrs. Zoe Darling,

  • The Late Mr. Joseph Dennis

  • Mr. Daniel Z. Moore,

  • Mr Augustine Todey

  • Mr. Issac Constance

  • Mr. Bernard Jusu

  • Mr. Sam Jones

  • Mr. Kenneth Dean

  • Roosevelt Toe

  • Linda Jusu

The Guiding Principles of ULOC are as follows:


  • Promote harmony, unity, friendship and togetherness among it members

  • Seek and secure social, economic and other opportunities for its members.

  • Create greater awareness about the Liberian culture.

  • Organization shall be non-profit and non-political.

  • Promote friendship, harmony and good will among other Liberian organizations in the United States and the world.

Four ULOC Presidents At ULOC First Inaugauration Gala

(left to right, Mr. Issac Constance, Mr.Daniel Moore, Mr. Augustine Todey, Mr. Leroy Beldeh)

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